Lucija Bužančić

Lucija Bužančić was born on November 15th, 1989 in Split. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Today, she works as an independent author, animator and illustrator in Zagreb

Her animated films are currently produced by the Zagreb Film Institution. The most recent of these is the animated movie “Iris,” which depicts a young woman falling in love with her own image like Narcissus, except that Iris falls in love with her own projection, which she constructs on social networks and identifies with the main characters in the films. The second movie “From the Ghetto” was inspired by the transformation of a neighbourhood in Split. Her series of illustrations entitled “Crowds” are also inspired by her life in a beautiful but sometimes very crowded tourist town. In collaboration with director Karla Crnčević, she has been working on an experimental-documentary project “On the Hill” for this year, illustrating life on Žarkovica. And in collaboration with circus performer Dora Popić on the circus play “The Line”