First pop-up art gallery in Split.
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Split Nomad Gallery x Ivan Svaguša Svaig

UZDAH-NEPOSLUH by Ivan Svaguša Svaig @Galerija Ghetto, Dosud 10, Split / December 7th - 20:30h

SIGH-DISOBEY is an exhibition that shows, for the first, and perhaps the last time, a complete series of these aerosol-inspired paintings of the same name.

The paintings show the hidden compositions of female faces with the subtle suggestion of eros.

At the opening author will perform live on his electric guitar accompanies with a rhythm machine. The dark erotic sound is there to complement the atmosphere captured in the artwork.

SIGH-DISOBEY is a one-day exhibition: the opening is also the closing. So do not miss the opportunity, and drop by Ghetto on Saturday - we start sharp at 8:30 pm

For the first time, you will be able to grab one of the new Sigh posters at an affordable price!

A treat for the old and young! This is Christmas before Christmas, New Year before New Year!

See you at the Ghetto!



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